I’m Kirsty Saint.

Facebook Ads Specialist, Writer, Speaker and Trainer.

I’m dedicated to helping you connect with your ideal customers

and grow your business.

My approach is built on CONNECTION, TRUST and CARE. Always.

This isn’t about blanket marketing (because that serves no one – and it quite frankly doesn’t work).

This is about helping you stand out on the most powerful platform, with the right content, with the right offers – connecting with your ideal clients in the most effective way.

I combine my strategic marketing and content creation experience, and knowledge of human behaviour, to create not just any old ads – but integrated Facebook campaigns aligned to your entire marketing objectives.

Based in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia,  I help organisations, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and mission-driven businesses market  in a way that feels good AND gets results.

I do this through:

+ Managing strategic campaigns through my Facebook Ads Agency, Social Saints.

+ Providing consulting for businesses that manage their own Facebook Ads.

+ Delivering in-house and online training and workshops for mission-driven businesses.

+ Rocking the stage at Industry Expos.

+ The knowledge gained through my studies to achieve a Facebook Planning Professional Certification, a Master of Marketing, a Bachelor degree in Professional Writing and Communication, and undergraduate study in Psychology.

+ And 10+ years’ experience in helping businesses achieve results with their marketing and communications.


Mission-Driven Businesses, Social Enterprises, Coaches, Consultants and Mentors through my full-service Facebook Ads Agency, Social Saints, and our sister agency, Eight Loop Social, in New Zealand.

Our team consists of some of the best Facebook Ads Strategists in the world and other highly-skilled experts – copywriters, photographers, web developers, graphic designers, integrations specialists, and videographers (even in 3D!) committed to building Facebook Ad campaigns that explode your ROI and help your business grow.

For business in SE Queensland, I also offer in-house workshops and training for your marketing department or entire business. Training programs include marketing planning and strategy, brand alignment and congruency, and how to master Facebook Ads.

Arrange a free 30-minute strategy session to discuss your requirements.

Holistic Practitioners and Solopreneurs through my 1:1 Facebook Ads coaching packages and online marketing training programs.

You’re a business or entrepreneur that exists to make the world a better place. Yet your business is not quite where you want it to be. You’re not connecting with the right (or enough) clients. You know something is missing in your marketing but you’re just not sure what.

Now the marketing knowledge and strategy that is usually only reserved for organisations with multi-million dollar budgets is available to you at price that fits within your budget.

Arrange a free 30-minute strategy session to discuss your requirements.

Together, we design a personally tailored, effective course of action for your marketing, to connect you with the right people and welcome them on board as new clients.


+ Managing Facebook Ad campaigns for businesses throughout Australia.

+ Coaching programs with my team of Facebook Ads Specialists, to teach small business people how to manage their own Facebook Ad campaigns.

+ Writing feature articles on social media and marketing for the Optus Small Business Hub website.

+ Developing a comprehensive online marketing training program for Holistic Practitioners.

+ I was recently featured in personal branding expert Jane Anderson’s book, Expert to Influencer, where I shared how to use Facebook Ads to build your personal brand.

+ I also love hosting in-house workshops or speaking on stage about all things Facebook ads, and being interviewed for podcasts.

My Professional Qualifications

  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional (Facebook Blueprint)
  • Master of Marketing
  • Professional Writing and Communication (BA)
  • Journalism and Psychology undergraduate studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Business
  • Full Member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd)


From the age of 12, I always wanted to be a journalist (spoiler alert, that never happened).

After school, I headed to university to study Journalism, but very quickly, I realised the media industry was not for me. Disillusioned, I left my studies.

But way back in 1992 – one year after the internet became available to the public – I lived with a group of geeky IT gamer guys who introduced me to it. There was no high-speed broadband access back then. Just plain old, slow-paced dial-up.

I was fascinated, and the digital seed was planted.

I later chose to pursue a professional writing degree, which I then combined with my fascination for the online world, naturally evolving into marketing and business writing.

For years, I specialised in digital marketing, market research and content production within the health and technology sectors. I worked with companies like Telstra, Autodesk, Healthscope, SA Pathology, and the Centre for Cancer Biology.

But when my life-long friend Jodie was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2010, as did my father three years later, my outlook changed.

As Jodie found practitioners, therapies, books, supplements and resources that helped her live for five more years instead of the three months she was told seed was planted in me.

I realised I had all this great marketing knowledge that I was using to help large organisations grow.

Meanwhile, this same knowledge was often inaccessible to social enterprises, complementary health practitioners, and other mission-driven businesses without big budgets – businesses that were making a real difference in the world and in people’s lives, like the ones who helped Jodie.

Enter Facebook. When I first started Facebook advertising in 2014, I knew this platform would dramatically alter business marketing and advertising, through its powerful targeting data and artificial intelligence.

In 2015, I left the corporate world and started my own marketing consulting and writing business.

But just a few short months later, my world was rocked when both Jodie and my father lost their lives to cancer.

That’s when I hatched the plan to take my marketing knowledge to those people and businesses that bring positive change to other people’s lives.

Interesting fact: around this time, I also got divorced and changed my surname from my married name, Brunsden, to Saint – my father’s last name and my birth name that I hadn’t used since I was five!

Fast-forward a year, and I could see that the best results for my clients were coming from Facebook Ads, and so I shifted my focus there.

I earned my Facebook Planning Professional Certification and have since focused on supporting my clients to gain an edge on the Facebook platform.

And that’s where you find me today – working with mission-driven businesses with my own Facebook Ads agency, Social Saints.

We don’t just do marketing the ‘standard’ way though – we always put people and making the world a better place first.

This means we ONLY work with businesses and people that are a good fit; we need to be 100% confident we can get you results, and your business needs to be making a positive difference to the world.

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