Facebook Ads Management

Done-For-You Facebook Ad Campaigns

Imagine if you were actually able to reach the leads sales and revenue goals you’ve only dreamed about for your business.

With its advanced targeting capabilities and artificial intelligence optimisation, Facebook has become the most powerful advertising platform on the planet. And it’s time to make it work for you!

You know you need Facebook Ads for your business, but they’re either not getting the results you hoped for, they take up too much of your time, or you simply don’t know where to start.

I understand! Keeping on top of Facebook’s ever-changing policy updates, new features, and changes to the way campaigns are created and optimised is a full-time job.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be YOUR full-time job. You can focus on your zone of genius while I make sure your ad campaigns reach the right people and achieve results for your business.

As Founder of Social Saints, a Facebook Ads agency for mission-driven businesses who make a difference in the world and the lives of others, I work with a team of experts to make sure your campaigns are a success.

Offering full Facebook Ads management, our services include:

+ Full ad campaign creation, management, optimisation and reporting

+ Strategic campaign building leads, event registrations and online sales

+ Audience research and targeting: advanced saved, custom and retargeting audience creation

+ Ad creation: copywriting and imagery

+ Facebook Pixel installation and tracking

+ Landing page creation and/or optimisation

+ Messenger bot campaigns

+ Integrations with your CRM, email platform and payment processors.

I work with:

  • In-house marketing managers for medium-large brands
  • Online coaches and consultants
  • Small business owners and solopreneurs
I DON’T work with:

  • MLM or network marketing businesses
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Businesses selling products or services that violate Facebook’s advertising policies

Facebook Ad Management pricing packages are tailored according to your requirements.

Like to know more?

The first step is to book a free strategy call to determine if we could be a good fit to work together.